International Art In Scotland, Scottish Art Internationally

The Society of Scottish Artists today continues in the spirit of its founders, to show the controversial and the unexpected and to give hanging space to new artists of promise.

It also regularly exhibits work from artists drawn from many areas overseas, including Slovakia, Poland, USA, Canada, India, Africa, Europe and Japan. This is part of its continuing drive to establish contacts amongst artists worldwide.

The SSA has been an artist-led membership organisation since 1891, governed by an elected President and elected Council consisting of around twelve members of the Society. Specialist professionals are co-opted onto the Council to assist on particular projects.

Aims of the SSA
– To promote the contemporary arts in Scotland by increasing audience and widening access.
– To promote and encourage experimentation and the “adventurous spirit” in Scottish art.
– To empower and inform artists through becoming part of an artist-led organisation and through the provision of training opportunities and discussion forums.
– To provide exhibition opportunities for artists
– To facilitate artist exchanges and communication with international artists and artist groups
– To provide educational projects to encourage a wider understanding and awareness of contemporary art
– To work under a policy of equal opportunities, access and inclusion

The Annual Exhibition

The Society continues its tradition of holding an Annual Contemporary Open Exhibition in the Royal Scottish Academy in Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Installation, video, site-specific and performance art alongside a strong core of works in traditional media result in challenging and invigorating shows. In an art-world where the divide between “new genres” and “traditional media” has rarely been wider, the SSA plays a unique and vital role in bridging the gap.

The SSA supports emerging and experimental artists in a number of practical ways. Each year the SSA selects a number of graduating students from the five Scottish art college degree shows to exhibit in the Annual Exhibition. It also accepts proposals for installations and performance events selected through open submission.