‘Beyond Land’ includes work by four artists: SSA Members Lindsey Lavender and Ruth Nicol, alongside Catharine Davison and Oliver Reed. These artists look to the physical landscape and become immersed in their natural surroundings.

Beyond-LandThe BP Atrium Gallery is a private gallery within the headquarters of BP, with an audience of 2000+ staff and visitors to the building on a weekly basis.

The exhibition is curated by SMART Consultants who curate 4 to 5 exhibitions per year for the BP Atrium Gallery.

Their aim is to set in place a programme of exhibitions that represent all mediums of art. They are specifically interested in looking at the beauty of the everyday, the relationship that artists draw from, the way in which the artists set out a visual language through a variety of art forms and educating an audience with a variety of accessible but challenging mediums and content.

19 July – 10 October 2014

Private Atrium Gallery within BP HQ, Aberdeen – PLEASE NOTE this exhibition is NOT open to the public


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