Edinburgh Printmakers Lower Gallery Space until  27 June 2015

‘Breathless’ is a new collection of work by Paul Charlton, comprising of series of blind embossed prints produced at Edinburgh Printmakers.


Visually impressive yet remarkably subtle, these prints explore the fragile balance between the untouched emptiness and the precision of the detail. The absence of colour in the images makes the viewer rely on the shadows to reveal the raised relief designs in paper, providing a three-dimensional, almost sculptural effect. As the light dances around the prints, the images stay still, preserving the sense of motionless and suspense, as if mirroring the breathlessness of the birds pictured. Printed on pure white stock, Charlton’s work preserves the lightness in them; clean and distinctive, like air without a breeze.

Paul Charlton graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a degree in Sculpture. After graduating, working in theatre, designing and building sets, then going on to study furniture making & restoration. Paul is currently working with photography & print making, blending it with his sculpture, theatre and furniture making skills to create unique works

Further information can be found at www.edinburghprintmakers.co.uk

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