SSA Student Member and past SSA Intern, Charis Edward Wells, has set up a crowdfunder to help her pay for her Degree Show. You can pledge anything from £3 – £200.

Charis-Edward-Wells‘My practice revolves around the concept of Scottish Culture. The complex social-political occurances in history have lead to a depreciation of Scottish identity and culture dating back to the Union of Parliament in 1707. Before the act of Union Scots language was considered a language in its own right and following the union it was downgraded to a dialect. Unfortunately this lead to a the undervaluing of Scots literature, poetry and art which, only now, are starting to glean back.

Using this idea, I dug up some of my own ancestral history to create a multimedia artwork which combines performance, photography, film, installation and site-specific works. All of which will be exhibited as part of Moray School of Art’s Degree show in June.


Here’s the sob story bit…

I’m a single mother to 3 amazing children, I live in a council house in Elgin and have finally found something I am good at. My funds are limited, I have a student loan which provides me and my brood with food and shelter however, this is often stretched thin due to living costs. I have all these ideas and have the drive and determination to bring them to reality. The only thing missing is the budget to bring it to fruition.

Please, Please, Please help me bring this project about. If I get a good grade I can go on to do my Masters which is something I have been dreaming about for a long time. You can personally help this struggling mother feed her kids as well as realise her dreams which is a choice that never wins out in favour of art.’


This project will only be funded if at least £1,500 is pledged by 11:21am 18th March 2015. To make a pledge visit:


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