An Exhibition by Louise Ritchie, PSSA

23 May – 19 June 2013

Nomas* Projects
9a Ward Rd

Show concludes with an Artist’s Talk at the McManus Gallery, Albert Square, Dundee, DD1 1DA on 16 June, 2.00pm – 3.30pm.


‘An artist works through many processes and experimental pathways that lead to both discoveries and creative cul-de-sacs. This sometimes tangential exploration asks questions of what you do, why you do it and who you are as an artist and person. Most of us are multi faceted with contrary fascinations that in my case compel me to sweep broadly and loosely with abandon… paint soaked brush in one hand and at the same time shrink the gesture down to a controlled needle point on the other.

The creative obsession is in the eye of the beholder and at the core of what makes an artist scratch the artistic itch. In embracing those polar extremes of my compulsive desire to make a mark, the work that forms In The Eye of The Needle allows me to compose the image using the smallest of points or dots that react to and work within selected images or reproductions that have struck a chord in some way. Pouncing, as a method of transferring a drawing or tracing onto another surface using pin prick dots, was used historically during the creation of frescos and by old masters such as Holbein and Tintoretto. The pounce would once have been fine powder or charcoal dabbed through the tracing onto the surface underneath to leave a delicate drawing, but my puncture marks use light to reveal the drawing, transferring my response to the reproduction and subverting or erasing the original image into a palimpsest of something curious and other.’


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