Congratulations to Kate Downie PPSSA, recently appointed Artist in Residence at the Forth Road Bridge.

Kate Downie plans to create a piece of art for every year of the Bridge’s existence as a lasting tribute.

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Downie told The Scotsman: ‘I’m going to be working below, on, around and above the road bridge as part of the project and will have a temporary studio next summer in the bridge offices and there will be set times when it will be open for people to come in and see me working.

I’m hoping to produce 50 new works for the project, that’s the aim at the moment, although it’s not possible to do one a day, so a lot of the preparatory work has already started and I’ve already been up to the top of the road bridge. I’ll be out there in all weathers.

It’s a huge privilege to be able to work on something like this. I’ve always been fascinated by places where our natural landscape and man-made structures converge.

I see the two bridges as being a bit like salt and pepper pots. It’s impossible to imagine one without the other. If you cross one you are always aware of the other one, they belong together. I don’t really have a favourite. But crossing the road bridge is a much more personal narrative, whether you are walking, cycling or on a bus. I want to catch something of that.’

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