SSA Member, Lindsey Lavender, currently has her Debut Solo Exhibition at the Meffan Gallery, Forfar. This exhibition will then move to Montrose Gallery for a further exhibition period.

​Meffan Gallery, ​until ​12​ ​March
Montrose Gallery, ​26​ ​March​ ​-​ ​30​ ​April


​’Painting predominates my practice with drawing as a fundamental, underpinning aspect. Through my current work I examine the urban environment seeking simple, overlooked observations with a fascination for the mundane but necessary. My architectural background has gifted me with a passion for the built environment; the buildings and the spaces in between. I am intrigued and inspired by the alleyways, structures and derelict places which shape our towns and cities, as much as I am by the architecture. My work has a sense of narrative and an atmosphere of calm which draws the viewer in. I explore the rhythm of light and shade, often on the seemingly ordinary; seeing the everyday in a new light.

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