The President and Council of the SSA are delighted to introduce you to our seven new Professional Members.

Professional Membership is for artists who are actively practicing professionally within one or more branches of the Visual Arts and is by selection only in recognition of their talent and dedication in this field. The Professional Members Selection Committee 2013 was comprised of 9 Professional SSA Members including The President and Vice President.

These new members are all featured in the Professional Members’ area on the SSA website. Please follow their individual links to find out more about them and their practice.

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AineScannellAine Scannell

I work always in the figurative sphere. The human is often represented anthropomorphically or may in itself, be depicted as a hybrid form – I find it particularly interesting to develop these types of forms. Often there are references to duality and figures may be depicted in a compartmentalized or fragmented manner emphasizing the fragility of human existence.

I combine these formal strategies with a love of narrative and mythology.


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AnnieWoodfordAnnie Woodford

Captivated by our mysterious, infinite universe- observed both at macroscopic and microscopic levels and mankind’s evolving place within that universe, Woodford’s work has qualities that reflect the intricacies of the natural world, elements that highlight its beauty and transience. Shifting boundaries between science and metaphysics and an enduring interest in parallel universe theory have instilled the pieces with a heightened intensity, whilst an obsession with hidden worlds has prompted her investigations into microscopy and the nano universe – making the unseen seen.

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ElaineAllisonElaine Allison

My exploration of the influences and constraints that help to form character is articulated through the precise combination of apparently disparate elements, to create objects that are mysterious but subtly allusive.

Recent assemblages use found objects in an unexpected way, juxtaposing unlikely materials. Ostensibly mundane materials and objects are handled with a reverence that imbues them with significance, and invites the viewer to make associations and create narratives.

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FranHanleyFran Hanley

My work mainly represents the Flotsam and Jetsam I collect from my travels of the Hebridean Islands in my campervan. I collect the “treasures” of natural and man-made form and re-assemble in my garden shed to paint from life, often painting on re-claimed surfaces (Driftwood, lino, rubber).

All my paintings and objects are site specific from the exact place of discovery to recreate the identity and make the experience of creating and hopefully viewing as believable as possible.

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KatharineAarrestadKatharine Aarrestad

I have been developing techniques of reverse glass painting using enamels, acrylics and sheet- metals. I remain interested in the effects of light and the lack of it within my work; evolving this current method after years of experimentation spanning use of iridescent materials, semi- translucent papers and perspex.

I explore translations of meaning through time by depicting “lost” nostalgic figures and landscapes to create a shifting vision of reality. The images become duplicitous in significance, chiaroscuros of conflicting cultural sensibilities. I endeavour to explore the spaces, tensions and relationships between viewer, image and narrative. Juxtaposition of titles ‘opens up’ this experience.

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Paul Charlton

I have always been intrigued by memento mori and the study of the human skeleton. I am inspired by the timeless quality they lend to an object and the inherent fascination there always is with death and the afterlife. It is a topic that can be returned to again and again on many different levels.

I predominantly make portraits and figurative works, trying to create a sense of a different era, an historical quality. I use costume and face paint to give the subjects an other worldly or timeless feel, creating characters rather than individuals.

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Tina Vanderwerf


I am a self taught artist and photographer, live and work in the Netherlands and in The UK.

In my photographic work as well as in my installations I focus on derelict and neglected objects. Through their details I try to capture the vast beauty of life. Found objects are always the starting-point for a work. I aim at showing the objects without interfering. So for my photos I manage with the available light and I don’t photoshop the images. For my installations I leave the objects as much as I found them. I just want to pay close attention to what moves and touches me. By taking a photo or by making an installation I hope to share my experience with the viewer.

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