Abi Baikie

Website: http://www.abibaikie.com

Email: info@abibaikie.com

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Nineteen Sixty Three - Screen print & oil paint - 100cm x 100cm

Spirit House - Screen print & oil paint - 100cm x 100cm

The White Building - Screen print & oil paint - 320cm x 160cm


My travels to Asia inspired my current style, embracing strong colours and striking patterns, imitating the vibrancy and bustle that first hits you in countries like Cambodia and India. I work with a range of media and use various techniques such as screen-print, oil painting, stencils and spray-paints. I often begin with bold, striking backgrounds then select individual objects to oil paint on top, which are selected from my own photographs I take during my travels. These objects give a human aspect to the work, something the viewer can relate to, something familiar. However, they are often unusual or slightly abstract so they cannot be placed entirely and maintain a little unfamiliarity and curiosity.