Aine Scannell



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Rainbow House Size: 20 x 14 x 24 cm Various intaglio techniques with chine colle


My favourite techniques for making work are nearly all intaglio based and I have been exploring the possibilities of combining new technologies such as for example pigment inkjet printmaking with older methods such as drypoint and etching. I have also been studying the technology of laser and routers for digitally engraving various metals and wood.

I am cognizant with the fact that my artwork is somewhat influenced by my Roman Catholic upbringing in terms of iconography, ritual symmetry and symbolism.

I work always in the figurative sphere. The human is often represented anthropomorphically or may in itself, be depicted as a hybrid form - I find it particularly interesting to develop these types of forms. Often there are references to duality and figures may be depicted in a compartmentalized or fragmented manner emphasizing the fragility of human existence.
I combine these formal strategies with a love of narrative and mythology.


Aine was brought-up in Cork on the southern coast of Ireland. Her Masters degree was undertaken in Barcelona, Spain.

She has taught in FE, prim. and sec. schools + Universities (Ireland & UK)
Art Education in galleries. Book reviews (London)
Freelance writing for arts journals in UK + Czech Republic.

Worked in the print study room at the Tate Britain, London.

In 2000 Aine completed her 2nd MA degree (Printmaking) at Univ. of the Arts, London.
As well as receiving financial support from the Scott Hope Trust and Creative Scotland - Aine's been awarded residencies including the Lowick Print Centre, Cumberland, the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Ireland, and Gainsborough Ho. Print Workshop in Sudbury.

Her printmaking-based installations have received both national and international recognition. Her first "Silent Apocalypse", was awarded a prize by Professor Barto dos Santos, acting as a selector on behalf of the Printmakers Council UK.
Another installation "House Angel" received international recognition through being a prizewinner in a global competition. The exhibition titled EUtopia included curators such as Jef Bourgeau, artistic director, Museum of Modern Art Detroit, USA.

In addition this particular work and contextual statement was the impetus for her inclusion in "Printmaking at the Edge" by Richard Noyce, (A&C Black, London).

In 2010 she was awarded first prize at the Ottawa International Mini Print competition.

Since 2011, Aine has been publishing artists’ books in small editions and participating in international exhibitions. See CV for fuller details.

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