Alice Martin



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Prototype, 3D print

Fakery, Archival print

Tickets, Screen print on paper

Charming little prospects, Portable dig

Archive Boxes, Six acid free boxes with drawings, photographs, scans, screen printed bags, labels, tissue paper and white gloves

Rate a Relic, Archival print


The underlying subject which my practice is based on is that of museology. I am fascinated by the visual and conceptual possibilities stemming from certain museological processes. Currently my work challenges the ideas of engagement, interaction, and experience through the roles of curation and artefacts. As a contemporary practitioner, my intention is to question conventional ideas of representation with the hope to make the viewer less passive. Focusing on what a museum space could be and how an exhibit might be engaged. I am also interested in the tactile and how it can add to a person’s overall understanding. Ultimately, my aim is to subvert the notion of the traditional museum and replace it with one which is less overwhelming and somewhat ambiguous.


Contemporary Art Practice Graduate, Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen, Scotland.


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