Andy Heald



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Waiting for the First Wave to Hit

The Tide Comes Rolling In

Through the Glebe to the Sea, Aberlady

Sea Spray on Rocks, Yellowcraigs


Over the last two decades Andy has been engaging with the people, sea and landscapes of eastern Scotland through the eyes of an archaeologist and as a writer.
Andy is drawn to the ever-changing appearances of our shared environment and attempts to catch these fleeting moments.
His primary influence is the spontaneity of nature – the inseparable response to sea, cloud, sun, season and weather. Andy attempts to reflect these fresh interactions by painting rapidly; the paint and media driven, splashed, scrubbed or dripped over the canvas in an attempt to capture the raw experiences of nature.
Although Andy uses particular geographical locations as a framework many of his paintings are abstract, the process of capturing the specific moment more significant than the actual physical landmarks.


Andy was born in 1974 in Carnoustie and gained a PhD in Archaeology from Edinburgh University. He has spent the last 15 year exploring the Scottish landscape through the eyes of an archaeologist. He started painting in 2013 and over the last 2 years has shown work across Southern Scotland, particularly at Fidra Fine Art. He has received numerous commissions and his work is also in private collections across the UK. He is undertaking his first solo exhibition in summer 2016 at Hangar Gallery, East Lothian.