Angela Orr


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Artist Statement

I work with a variety of different media from photography, digital processes, textiles, sculpture and mixed media painting.

My work is based upon the memories and empathy of situations we experience every day as well as larger historical events, such as WWI and WWII, which resulting democracy we often take for granted. Within that I am interested in how we refer back to events in history referencing these to increase understanding and interpretation of the events.

I explore my primary research by experimenting with colour, shape, texture and composition. These processes favour spontaneity and prolific experimentation of automatic surrealist techniques also common to artists such as Cy Twombly. Working in layers of materials creating a sense of memories, veiling and obliteration which can be reversed by rubbing and tearing back exposing the under layers helping to add depth and intrigue. Hidden meanings and thoughts in my work using writing and gestural mark making is an integral part of the process and conveys a message though it does not necessarily need to be understood by the viewer to experience an emotional response.


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