Anoushka Havinden



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we were looking for someone to follow, mixed media on board, 40cm x 42cm cm

trident at night, mixed media on board, 20cm x 20cm

shore, mixed media on board, 20cm x 20cm

sea structures, mixed media on board, 42cm x 40cm

made it, mixed media on board, 20cm x 20cm

the kitchen's on fire, mixed media on board, 42cm x 45cm


I’m concerned with human fears and beliefs: the things we cling to; the structures we build. Primarily, I’m interested in uncertainty. Recent work has explored the relationship between humans and the coast, drawing man-made structures and life-saving equipment.
Working within the frame of painting tradition, I aim to explore how we live in such an uncertain world. Vacillation is a major part of my working process. I make pictures that haver and resist explanation – that are evasive or semi-opaque.
I work in layers, erasing and removing, keeping elements within the painting working against and reacting to each other. I tend to mix media, often using the process of accidental reactions between materials, and working against this to set up tension with the hand-made image or representation.


Born in London, I’ve lived in Scotland since the age of three. I grew up in rural Aberdeenshire, and attended Aberdeen College followed by Glasgow School of Art, to study Fine Art Drawing and Painting. Since then, I’ve worked as an artist and writer, intermittently. Now based in Argyll, I’m starting to paint again after a few years raising kids.