Avril Cunningham

Website: http://www.avrilcunningham.com

Email: avril@gmframing.co.uk

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Arbroath fishing community - mixed media - 60cm x 60cm

Fit o' the Toon -Mixed media box construction - 50cm x 78cm

Arbroath Smokies, Mixed media on driftwood - 70cm x 50cm

Spirit of Dundee - Mixed Media - 60cm x 108cm

As Time goes by - Mixed media - 90cm x 84cm

Sea Harvest - Hand cut lino print - 44cm x 48cm


Travelling and investigation is my inspiration for my mixed media artwork. I try to get an overall sense of the place or subject matter and the knowledge and experience gained inspires me to paint my interpretation of it. I am drawn to all things Scottish and this shows through in my work. I like to express a positive attitude which shows a pride in our heritage.


Avril has a Degree in Design and Creativity gained through Robert Gordon University.