Barbara Rowell



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Red Tubes, screenprint on paper, 350 x 170mm

Chania I, open edition digital image on aluminium

Tidal deposits, open edition digital image on aluminium




My work promotes natural, sustainable practices, which encourage respect for the environment. Inspiration comes from observation of the world around me, whilst walking in nature, in urban areas, or on my travels.

Once an idea is formed, I enjoy researching around the subject and immersing myself in the creation of a body of work, incorporating an element of narrative. I am not restricted to any particular discipline, but rather like to experiment with new (to me) processes and and work with whatever medium best expresses my ideas. Found objects and recycled materials are often incorporated. Impulsive connections and incidental mark making form an integral part of the process, which is open-ended.


I moved from an education background into visual arts, graduating with a BA in Art and Design from Edinburgh College of Art, which provided me with a solid grounding in current practice and processes. My aim now as an emerging artist is to build on this foundation to establish a sustainable, environmentally friendly working practice.