Biddy Lanham


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‘LAYERS’, Size 33x23cm, Earth Pigments and Mixed Media on Paper

‘REFLECTIONS 1’, Size 100x100cm, Stitched Denim, Water Colour and Earth Pigment on Canvas

‘SPARKS’, Size 40x40cm, Stitched Denim and Spray Paint on Canvas

‘LICHENS’, Size 100x120cm, Oil on Canvas

‘SKETCHBOOK – ROCK POOLS, IONA’, Size 20x50cm, Water Colour, Charcoal and Graphite on Paper


Colour is laden
with the processes of time.
Nothing is static.
Time is fluid,
moving faster and slower,
stopping and flowing.
Seasons change and pause.
Time moves forward,
erosion has beauty,
colour balances all.

People everywhere are affected and influenced by the landscapes that surround and underpin their worlds. It is an aspect of life in which we are all involved.
In responding to landscape Bridget Lanham is currently using natural ochres and pigments which she has collected in Western Australia and southern France. She is working on canvas and previously worn denim.

Both the pigments and the denim symbolise the universality and connectedness of our lives.


Bridget studied at Edinburgh College of Art and Leith School of Art, and is currently living and working in Edinburgh.
Bridget has exhibited widely and has works in many private collections.

“if one tugs at a single thing in nature you find it attached to the rest of the world”
John Muir