Calum Hall



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IC. Screen print, zinc plate. 10cm x 10cm.

The Arc of India. Copper, sea salt print. 2017

Titanic Mons Glacialis. Screen print with metallic gold. 77cm x 60cm.

Knock Cumulus Study. Oil painting on canvas. 10cm x 10cm.

Hydrocephalus. Solar plate print. 10cm x10cm.

6674 MSCR. Colour slide print & digital image


In much of my work I manipulate light to expose photographic transparencies, either in photography, screen printing or on solar plates. I use natural light as my main exposure source, I'm fascinated by our understanding of light, the theory of light and it's behaviour. Much of my work makes reference to the origin and technological use of semi-precious metals, exploring modern popular culture and values, and our understanding and place in nature, using industrial and scientific techniques.


Calum Hall studied Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art, specialising in printmaking with photopolymers. He started his own print and design company in 1997, which has been involved in many projects with arts organisations and government backed initiatives.
Calum exhibits nationally and his work is in many private collections. His prints, paintings and design work have won many accolades and he teaches printing techniques.