David Baker

Website: http://www.milouvision.com/

Email: david@milouvision.com

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Waves II - exhibited in the 2016 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

North Uist Waves - exhibited in the 2017 Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition

Off-world - new work from South Uist, Outer Hebrides

Sunset Strip - Lewis, Outer Hebrides

Marine (Dorset) - power and energy at the Dorset coast

Dawn Waves - power and energy at the Dorset coast


What is it about the way the sea moves, reflects, and glows that mesmerises and transfixes us? People are drawn to the sea, perhaps by the chaotic criss-cross of the waves, or the sense of power and force accompanied by the infinitely variable sounds. Elemental and always in a state of flux, the sea is at the edge of change and transforms in colour depending on the weather or the light.

At heart I’m a coastal photographer drawn to the flow of the sea and the ever changing possibilities of shore, sea and sky. Coastal landscapes may often offer a simple geography of a beach, the sea and a cloudscape and as such there is a challenge to construct new and inventive interpretations, often going beyond documentary realism with a leap of imagination.


I have exhibited many times in a sole and collaborative capacity principally showing project work. I have exhibited at the 2016 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, at the 2017 Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition and at the 2017 Royal Glasgow Institute of The Fine Arts 154th Annual Open Exhibition.

My current project Common Ground is Arts Council funded and will be exhibited in the Southampton City Art Gallery from 2 December 2017 to 7 April 2018.