Doug Mackie



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Media: Concrete and Cotton
Dimensions: Each piece 3 m in length, 15 cm diameter tapering to 8 cm diameter. Installation size variable to suit venue.

Media: Concrete and Jute Sacks
Dimensions: Sacks variable, typically 55 cm, 50 cm, 45 cm. Installation size variable to suit venue.

Media: Concrete and jute sacks and shipping crate
Dimensions: Sacks variable, typically 55 cm, 50 cm, 45 cm. Installation size variable to suit venue.

Land Form: Material: Kilkenny Limestone, 35 cm x 18 cm x 32 cm.

Media: Fisherman’s Net cast in Lead on charred wooden supports,
Dimensions: Installation size variable to suit venue, individual cast cubes 10 cm cubed.

White on Black: Material: Marble on Granite Base. 33 cm x 17 cm x 18 cm.


I am an artist living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland. My primary medium is sculpture but my practise is somewhat eclectic, encompassing artists books, print making, video, sound and photography.

I consider myself a maker, concerned with formal sculptural qualities, foregrounding process and materiality. The visual, tactile and presence of the material are important are important aspects of my work, while gesture and repetition are common elements.

My work is rooted in a socio-political context typically responding to observations seen or heard. The way I work and the sculptural language that I use demands a particular approach to research.


Contact Information
Name: Doug Mackie

• Edinburgh University - Edinburgh College of Art: BA (Hons), Sculpture - 2018
• Leith School of Art: Certificate in Contemporary Art Practice – 2015
• Leith School of Art: Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art and Design) with Distinction – 2013

• SSA, Ramsey Cornish Prize (Spent (2018)).
• Society of Scottish Artists and Visual Arts Scotland, Richard Coley Award for Sculpture 2018 (Strike (2017)).
• Astaire Art Prize 2018, Shortlisted
• University of Edinburgh, Commission for the Chancellor’s Medal (2017)


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