Eleanor Adair

Website: http://www.eleanoradair.com

Email: eleanoradairart@gmail.com

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Line Dance, oil on canvas, 60 x75cm

Line Dance 2, oil on canvas, 60 x75cm

Swans, oil on canvas, 100 x75cm

Everything is Mary, acrylic on canvas, 45cm x 55cm

Mary Queen of Scots, acrylic on canvas, 35cm x 45cm


I've always been interested in how self consciousness alters our identity, so my art naturally becomes a way of exploring the different ways we define ourselves through others. I'm heavily drawn towards figurative art, and find the human form the best place to look at the extremities and disruptions that push us beyond the predictable and make the body talk. I tend to be an instinctive painter, so that I work in the moment rather than from plans. I think this means the art is less censored, less concerned, even if it's more chaotic or absurd. With figurative art, the artist plays a role in filling up space that challenges the contained, precise and predictable forms we're so often presented with. Once eyes start moving outside of those shapes they become exciting again. The bodies that materialise in my own work are an alternative account of the routine human form; bodies for eyes that like to wander.


Eleanor Adair was born and grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. She works mainly in oils, ink, and pen which she says work best at capturing the relationship of the constant shifts between the physical and emotional expressions of human form. She has exhibited internationally including London, Paris, Edinburgh and in the US. She has no formal art training and currently lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.