Eleanor Elks Herrmannsen

Website: http://www.eleanorelksherrmannsen.co.uk

Email: eelksherrmannsen@gmail.com

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'Soft Candy' Digital print on leather, aluminium

'To Separate / Aspidistra elatior' Urethane rubber, aluminium

'Thereof One Must be Silent' Marble, A4 ream of paper, brass

'Reem, Reem, Reem' Concrete, A4 ream of paper

'The Water Falls' Digital print on fabric


Eleanor Elks Herrmannsen’s practice is concerned with examining the way in which we categorise and make sense of everyday objects in our environment. The sculptures she creates often concentrate on objects that are defined or understood through their purpose and use, and by playfully re-representing these objects and removing them from their original context, her work aims to uncover certain truths about our relationship to the objects we choose to surround ourselves by. Often her sculptures exist in the gap between recognition and abstraction and play upon how these objects and materials have become part of a collective knowledge and a visual language.


Eleanor Elks Herrmannsen is a recent graduate from Glasgow School of Art. She previously attended Leeds College of Art for her foundation year and Universitat Der Künste Berlin for her erasmus exchange. She is currently living and working between Berlin and London. Upon graduating she was awarded The Chairman's Medal and has work in The Glasgow School of Art's permanent collection. Eleanor Elks Herrmannsen has shown in multiple venues across the UK as well as internationally.


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