Gillian McFarland



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April's Moon Print

Words ink on punctured paper 2012 20cm x15cm

Wear, Punctured paper

Distance Ink on punctured Khadi Paper 15

Burst paint on punctured paper

Drawing Jars 2016


I am inspired by the complexities of imagery and making visible the actions of the creative process. An emphasis is placed on the revelations that occur through the act of looking. Importance is placed on the process of the sustained gaze, the checking out of assumptions and making sense of relationships in terms of time and space.
My work plays with ideas of acting out, repetition and revision, the processes involved evoking links and relationships between composing elements. I am constantly drawn to disturbances in the surfaces of things, surfaces that might physically move the viewer in closer. The qualities of these impacts describe an existence in the world, playing with ideas of a 'wearing out' and a 'holding together.'


Born Scotland
Studied Fine Art St Martin's School of Art, London BA Hons
Post grad Art Therapy
Worked as an Art Therapist in the NHS for 14 yrs
Currently Artist in Residence at De Montfort University and Honorary Research Fellow in Dept of Genetics, Leicester University


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