Honorata Gawronska

Website: http://honoratamaria.wix.com/honoratamaria

Email: norata1@gazeta.pl

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Elephant in the room, 2017, Oil on Canvas, size: 76.5 x 50.8 cm

Night, 2018, Oil on canvas, size: 101.6 x 76.2 cm

Day, 2018, Oil on canvas, size: 101.6 x 76.2 cm

Mr Tiger, 2018, Oil on canvas, size: 76.2 cm x 101.6 cm

sketch - mixed media 2016

Madness and civilization


Honorata Gawronska Poland 1980

I paint because it is what I love to do. When it is time to paint I forget everything else.
My paintings are devoid of people, but contain traces of their presence.
Surroundings, ordinary places, are extraordinary in this same time.
My work is about the spaces.
It is important to me that the viewer brings their own experiences and interpretations to my work.
In my project I focus on interiors.
Empty places are full of beauty, lots of things happen there. Just me, places and my imagination.
"Simplicity of form is not relevant to simplicity of experience" - Robert Morris
I am interested in painting as a purpose in itself. I am interested in going beyond painting.
In my paintings I am drawn to the balance between abstraction and recognized forms.
For me this sense of simplicity is full of calm and harmony a longing for perfection.
I choose isolation, enclave but not loneliness.
Creation emanates with sensitivity.
Everyone is a part of World of interiors. Diversity, multiplicity of places is obvious. It is independent of me in what kind of interiors I am staying sometimes but in what kind of interiors I would like to be, that is only my choice.
Nowadays the past blends together. Personally somewhere deeply inside I am feeling nostalgia for a past which I have never been witness.
50`, 60`, 70’- extraordinary, retro and modern in the same time.
My interest is in are huge interiors, where a space does not hinder our possibilities. It is only up to us how we will use this hidden potential.

My story is about the places which I have seen and those I create in my imagination. I want my art to be a point of entry in a journey of exploration – the means of contemplation of the place or object.
Everyone is able to tell a tale and everyone can use a potential of my interiors according to their needs. I would like to challenge your imagination and sensitivity.


Born i Poland, 2nd August 1980

2010 - 2013 University of the Highlands and Islands
- Higher National Diploma Contemporary Art Practice
2001 - 2004 - PSBIA, Poland - Social Worker Diploma & Art therapy

30th April - 30th July 2014 - Inverness Airport Gallery
July 2013 pre-selected for The Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, London
6th June 2013 - 14th June 2013 ' Inside' - End of Year Exhibition - UHI - Inverness
23rd March - 26th October 2013 - Inchmore Gallery
3rd November - 22nd December 2012 - Winter Exhibition and CD Collection - Inchmore Gallery
22nd of September - 27th of October - 'New Artists' - Inchmore Gallery, Scotland
2nd - 13th June 2012 Inchmore Gallery, Scotland 'First Impressions' - UHI - University of Highland and Island, HNC/D Contemporary Art Practice
31th May - 13th June 2012 - End of Year Exhibition - Inverness College, Midmills Campus
3rd - 27th June 2011NC Art and Design show, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery - Community Gallery