Ian Stuart Campbell

Website: http://www.mysketches.co.uk

Email: stuart@trinitygrove.demon.co.uk

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Milan Tram. Ink sketch.

Art, architecture and movement, Florence. Ink Sketch.

Urban Tales, Scottish Fantasy, Ink Sketch

Piranesi-esque City Chambers Glasgow, Ink Sketch

Santa Maria della Salute, Venice. Ink Sketch

The Doge's Palace, Venice. Ink Sketch


It seems to me that the opportunity to take time to look, and look again, at buildings, patterns of life, and dynamics of space in fabulous places such as Rome, Paris or Edinburgh is a real privilege. Even more so when the somewhat solitary act of rough sketching becomes a social encounter or the drawing is enjoyed, exhibitted or even purchased by others. Conversations have been enjoyed in Norway, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Holland and France with minimum language but generous gestures.

My original sketches are drawn using Staedler Pigment Ink pens, which are chosen for lightfast and waterproof qualities and ease of use in the open air. Whenever possible sketches are drawn on Fabriano 220 gsm smooth paper, or equivalent.


Edinburgh based artist, Ian Stuart Campbell studied at Glasgow School of Art, Mackintosh School of Architecture and Glasgow University graduating in 1978. He has special interest in urban design, conceptual planning and design communication. He is an enthusiastic artist who considers drawing, painting and photography to be essential tools for any design process. Stuart has practical experience in the design of major commercial projects as a Director with Hugh Martin Partnership, subsequently Archial Architects, based in Edinburgh. His current ongoing project - ‘Inkscapes’ - involves sketching and interpreting successful architecture and public spaces in cities throughout Europe and Scandinavia.