Ian Healy

Website: http://www.ianhealy.co.uk

Email: healy.ian@gmail.com

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Sophie, oil on paper

Head, ink on cotton paper

SSoldier, ink on cotton paper

Sam, ink on paper

The coat, ink on paper

M, ink & Acrylic on paper


I work in the contemporary portrait painting tradition. My paintings and drawings cultivate a style that is reliant on expressionism and realism for technique, whether full colour paintings or black & white ink drawings.

My current subject matter is focused on what is familiar - the family. I use my partner as a model for much of the work and also paint and draw my children.I want to show character, psychologically-rich with the traits of individualism, irony, humour, pathos and sadness.

I am also embarking on a selection of portrait etching.


Ian was born in Cork, Rep of Ireland. He studied Fine Art Painting at the Crawford College of Art in Cork and achieved an honours degree in 1992.

2009 – ‘Folk’ Harbour Arts Centre, Irving
2008 – ‘Offerings’ Attic Salt Gallery, Edinburgh, part of the Edinburgh Art Festival 2008 July/August
2006 – ‘FOLK’ The Arches, Glasgow
1997 – Crawford Municipal Art Gallery Cork Rep. of Ireland
1995 – ArtHive Gallery Cork Rep. of Ireland

Solo show at Patriothall Gallery EDinburgh ( forthcoming)

Growler Gallery, London
Scottish Society of Artists, BP Atrium Gallery, Aberdeen
Fotheringham Gallery, Bridge of Allan
Scottish Society of Artists, RSA, Edinburgh

Future 2013
Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow
Edinburgh Art Fair, Fotheringham Gallery
Aberdeen Art Fair, Fotheringham Gallery
Growler Gallery, London
Scottish Society of Artists, BP Atrium Gallery, Aberdeen

Scotland Art, Glasgow

Scotland Art, Edinburgh & Glasgow
Airport Gallery, Edinburgh
Strathearn Gallery, Crieff

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, London (Strathearn Gallery)
Crawford Municipal Gallery, Cork
Cairns Gallery, Peebles, Scottish Borders
Airport Gallery, Edinburgh Airport
Sun Gallery, Newburgh, Fife
NewbloodArt, London

‘Bona Fide’ Patriothall Gallery Edinburgh
with Lynn Ahrens, Vakho Bugadze, Mikheil Gogrichiani, Mikheil Shengelia, Caroline Walker

‘Manifestation’ Attic Salt Edinburgh
i2 Gallery Edinburgh
Embassy Gallery Edinburgh
2 person: ‘Pushing up Daisies’ (with Kirsty Lorenz) Patriothall Gallery
SSA Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh

Embassy Gallery Edinburgh
Arc Gallery, Chicago, U.S.A.
‘Greetings from Edinburgh’ Patriothall Gallery Edinburgh

Compass Gallery Glasgow
London Art Fair (Compass Gallery)
WASPS Edinburgh

WASPS Edinburgh

Mafuji Gallery London
WASPS Edinburgh
Compass Gallery Glasgow
London Art Fair (Compass Gallery)

Noble Grossart Prize (Glasgow School of Art/Royal Bank of Scotland)
WASPS Edinburgh

Bellevue Gallery Edinburgh
S.S.A. Show 2000, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

WASPS Edinburgh

Ormeau Baths Belfast
Crawford Municipal Art Gallery
Dublin Castle

Public Collections
Cork City (Crawford Municipal Art Gallery)

Edinburgh Visual Artists Award 2013/14 ( Edinburgh Council)
S.S.A. Prize Winner 2000
Arts Council of Ireland
Cultural Relations, Irish department of Foreign Affairs

International Art Symposiium, Lithuania
Centre d’Art i Natura, Farrera, Catalunya, Spain

Studio holder with WASPS since 1998 Patriothall Studios Stockbridge Edinburgh.