Jack Dunnett

Website: http://fb.com/jackdunnettart

Email: jndunnett@btinternet.com

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24 Hours - Oil on Board, 20x22cm

The Killing Floor - Oil on Board, 110x80cm

Untitled - Mixed Media, 55x50cm

Forefront - Mixed Media, 55x50cm

Scaraben - Oil and Mortar on Canvas

Exile of Bacchus - Mixed Media on Canvas


In my artwork, I combine chemical and industrial materials with paint to create images which explore ideas of falsified memory, imagination, ambiguity, decay and detachment.
I use my own recollection of colours and objects from specific memories to create images of scenes that draw from both remembered reality and imagination. I aim to create scenes that could in theory exist, but through the way in which they are painted, it is apparent that they never did. Using colours that I take from a memory as a basis for the palette, I use materials which react with, or corrode the surface to reference the idea of decay and distortion that comes with remembering.
My interest lies in the inaccessibility of memory. The ambiguity of looking at someone else’s depiction of a memory that no other person has access to. An image’s value changes drastically depending on who interacts with it, what they see in it or conversely cannot see.


Education: Currently studying Painting BA(Hons) – Due to graduate 2017

Group Exhibitions:
2012 Caithness Horizons – Exhibition of student work
2014 79th Annual Exhibition of Caithness Artists
2016 Rapid Exhibition – Gray’s School of art. AU Galerie, Vienna
2016 Stuffed Gallery Group Exhibition – Newave Gallery Aberdeen
2016 Intranaut – Group Exhibition, Rosemount Centre, Aberdeen
2016 Fly2016 - Visual Arts Scotland Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
2017 Whatever Sticks - Group show, KuKu Klubi, Tallinn, Estonia

Awards: 2016 Engie E&P Purchase Prize and Scholarship


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