Jean Gillespie



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Overflow, H 180 x W 155 cm; Mixed media (ink, oil-bar, glue and chalk) on paper;

Uncontained, H 135 x W 153 cm, Mixed media (ink, oil-bar, gesso, oil) on paper

Floating, H 160 x W 207 cm; Acrylic on Canvas

Deep Blue, H 85 x W 62 cm, Oil on Board

Imagined Landscape, Diptych H 85 x W 134 cm, Ink and Oil on Board

Morning Glow, Etching a la poupee; H 65 x W 80 cm (Framed)


I am inspired by the visual and atmospheric nature of remote and wild landscapes and the people who inhabit them. In my work I allow the image to evolve and welcome the unexpected allowing me the freedom within the chosen material to experiment in a very fluid and gestural way.
Initially my focus is on drawing, which I feel provides a link into all my creativity. My motivation is to record forms and surfaces which express the history of the place through their material erosion, shape, colour and texture and create interesting spacial relationships within the picture plane.
Subject matter has involved places which are “on-the-edge” both literally - by being on the shoreline - or figuratively through the fragility of their existence. Drawing and painting at Fishermen’s Huts, I now use the detritus found around them directly in the creation of abstract drawings, paintings and prints and use the research and experimentation involved to throw up new avenues of interest.


Artist Jean Gillespie is a contemporary painter and printmaker working at her studio with WASPS Dalry. She studied for her BA (Hons) in Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art and subsequently at Wimbledon School of Art where she completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Drawing. At this time she was awarded a scholarship with an artist’s collective, Art Space Portsmouth and has since participated in numerous group and solo shows in Scotland and the UK.

Her paintings are in oil, acrylic or mixed media and are often large-scale. The work is mainly concerned with landscape, its nature and the way it has been shaped by people. Her work dissolves into abstraction where she evokes a direct emotional response through her use of form, colour and space within the picture plane.


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