Jean Proctor


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The Fall, acrylic on board, 120x60cm

Home, acrylic on board 28x13cm

Soaring, acrylic on board, 90x60cm

Orchard, acrylic on board, 65x40cm

Harvest, acrylic on board, 28x12cm

Jone's Hole, acrylic on board, 30x15cm


After coordinating a small art group in East Lothian for many years, moving back to the city has enabled me to focus on my own work and have access to the inspiration of a wide range of other arts and ideas.


I'm a transplant to Scotland of nearly 20 years from the western United States, and I've been delighted to find myself in a city with so much art and so much interest in art. Much of my art has been influenced by the American West, but I'm currently working on branching out and exploring new landscapes both real and imaginative.