Joan East


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Blue Mexican Tablecloth

Cat and Mouse

Majolica Frog With Tulips

The Owl, the Pig and the Jigsaw Horse

The Dog, Lilies and Majolica Cockatoo

Grenadiers and Faux Tiger Rug


The main theme of my work is still life. I paint in acrylics on small-scale wooden panels and strongly relate the images directly to the reality of the objects studied to create a visual narrative. I paint the toys and ornamental pottery commonly found around the house to give them a new significance - treating the toys as if they are symbolic icons. I like to use gold in the pictures to enhance the idea of an iconic presence within the ordinary objects. I continue to be fascinated by toys - any toys and hope my pictures will be shown grouped together in a corner like an iconostasis in a Russian home.


I studied drawing and painting at the Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 1966. I worked as a Graphic Designer in Glasgow while studying for and gaining a BA in fine art from the Open University. After a break to look after my children I taught Art at secondary school level in Scotland for several years. Now retired, I am concentrating on painting again.