John Slavin



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Cardou Bugarach Canigou, Oil on canvas, 100x80cm

Dawn from Madres, Acrylic on canvas, 60x60cm

The Peaks of the Three Stars, Acrylic on canvas, 80x80cm

March Sunset River Aude, Oil on canvas, 90x60cm

Ribero Campcardos, Oil oncanvas, 70x50cm

Tree, Oil on canvas, 80x80cm


The painter has a vision which is blindly materialistic.

A painting exists independently of the passing daily-visible and the omnipresent future-invisible. A painting is a document of the density and sparsity of events at work in an elastic state which cannot be recorded other than by painting. A painting is the record of a performance in time up to a moment. Brush is more important than paint.

A good drawing makes a connection between myriad truth and a pencil. Each mark as it is made categorises itself in a re-categorisation. Immediacy must be sustainable. The definitive statement need not be preceded by the tentative gesture. Surface may simultaneously expose and occult. If one line is made three areas result.

At work the painter is privileged to be in close proximity to something that is coming into being. Intimations of infinity must be prioritised finitely. The painter can make no marks which are not of themselves whole. All hierarchies are based on indefinite principles.


Born 3/2/1956 in Falkirk. John Slavin attended Edinburgh College of Art 1975-1980 and studied in the School of Drawing and Painting under the celebrated painters Sir Robin Philipson and Dame Elizabeth Blackadder. Landscape painter on the Isle of Skye now working in the Pyrenees.