Justine Wojcicka

Email: visual2studio@gmail.com

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The-Awakening, oil on canvas

Euphoria-II , oil on canvas

The Cave - ball of ice, wooden structure, water bucket

Astro Plinth - astronomicla plates, digital footage screened onto a black plinth

Spine I - inks, pencil on paper

An Influence - picture of a sculpture, digital collage


As an visual Artist I am committed to a constant experimentation. I reach and mix traditional and digital media.
I focus on the matters of time, dynamics, rhythm and a state of change perceived as a momentum. My works connect strongly with the phenomenons of nature and life in general. I like word sustainable.


I studied at the Wroclaw’s Academy of Fine Arts in Poland and the Edinburgh Collage of Art in Scotland.
The works, I have created over the years, relate to the concept of time, change and rhythm. Through my works I explore my personal relationship within surrounding natural world as well as the certain aspects of the ‘human-made’ realms .
My practice includes painting, drawing, cut paper, sculpture, installation and video.
I also designed series of art workshops for youth groups investigating environmental issues and raising awareness to problems of sustainability and our role within the problematic sphere.

I am based at the heart of Scotland, Edinburgh.
Since graduation in 2009 I work as an Art Tutor and Project worker collaborating with schools, communities as well as private collectors.