Katayoun Dowlatshahi PPSSA

Website: http://www.katayoundowlatshahi.com

Email: katayounpd@gmail.com

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Orbit I 2011 Photographic Print, 1160 x 1020mm

Orbit V 2011 Photographic Print, 1160 x 1020mm

The Gantries (Orbit) 2011, Photographic Print, Screenprint on Glass, 1610 x 830mm

Siskin (Orbit) 2011, Photographic Prints, Graphite Drawing and Etching on Glass, 555 x 380mm

Langdale Pikes / Lake District 2011, Photographic Prints and Etching on Glass, 627 x 432mm

Gallery View of Orbit Exhibition, The West Gallery, Quay Arts Center, Isle of Wight 2011


My practice is rooted in Printmaking in the broadest sense. I have developed an interdisciplinary approach to my work; context and site specificity are integral and are also motivating factors when researching new projects. This is evident in my public realm commissions. I am passionate about what I do, whether my choice of tools is a camera, a pencil, glass, video or a digital palette. I am motivated by my choice of materials, making them relevant, not being constrained by them. My love affair, though, is with LIGHT: the subjects I am inspired to work with are defined by this.


I am an Iranian-born British artist working in contemporary art. I was an active member of the SSA from 1996 -2002 and President of the SSA between 2000 -2002. I now live on the South Coast of England. I create work for public and private commissions and specialize in photography, drawing and glass. I have worked on a number of national and international residencies, exhibitions and have completed numerous public realm commissions across the UK, integrating contemporary art into new city center developments and heritage locations. As Lead Artist I have conceived of community engagment initiatives, commissioned artists and undertaken strategic consultations.


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