Kate Bauen

Website: http://www.katebauen.com

Email: kate.bauen@bluewin.ch

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Evolution 1. Mixed Media on canvas. 40 x 60cm

Evolution 2. Mixed media on canvas. 40 x 60cm

Obituary for a Sage. Mixed media on canvas. 40 x 40 cm

Obituary for a Stranger. Mixed media on canvas. 40 x 60cm

Mine! Mixed media on canvas. 30 x 100 cm

Abandoned (Urban Decay Series).


As an artist and colour chemist, I've been painting for many years and love to experiment with color and texture in acrylic and mixed media.
My work is predominantly of a naive, folk, whimsical or abstract style. Colour drives me, motivates me and feeds my soul - combine it with the simplicity of a whimsical world and I am in my spiritual element. Abstract lets me wordlessly just tell it like it is on any given day - on a real bad day its black and white.....
As the founder and owner of Basel Art Room, my aim is simple. I believe everyone has a painting inside them and a story to tell and I try to help give those stories form and shape.