Lesley Logue

Website: http://www.lesleylogue.com

Email: lesleyalogue@yahoo.com

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'Shooting Botticelli, St. Sebastian', inkjet print on cotton paper, 40 x 30 cm

'Tree Arrangement', print and paint on paper

'Beautiful Trophies', Installation image, Edinburgh Printmakers

'The Hunted', Resin and stone sculpture

Untitled Martyr's and Shooting Sebastian, Installation Image

'In The Forest', Book ( collaboration with poet Anna Robinson)


Memory, re-enactment and repair are key concerns in my current practice and were the focus of the Professional Doctorate in Fine Art, which I completed in 2014. My work is inspired by and rooted in my own personal life experiences; referencing family, religion, ritual and my participation in field archery. There is a breadth to my research and engagement with my subject matter that is not immediately apparent to the viewer but contributes to a reading of the work. My approach to research, questioning my everyday and personal experiences helps me to maximize my initial interest and understanding of a subject before exploring it through the making of the work. For me the choice of process and or technical approach depends on the development of the idea. The notion of exploring ambiguities and correspondences between media naturally excites me as I strive not to be restricted by my use of media.


Lesley studied Fine Art, painting and printmaking, at Nottingham Trent University and Fine Art Printmaking at the Royal College of Art. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Solo exhibitions include Wild Lament, which was shown at the Foyer Gallery, Aberdeen in 2012. Group exhibitions include Reflective Histories: Contemporary Art Interventions at Traquair, 2012 and Contemporary British Printmaking at the Browson Gallery, New York, 2005. Lesley has curated numerous exhibitions, more recently One Way or Another II at the Smart Gallery, Aberdeen, 2013. In 2014 Lesley successfully completed and was awarded a Professional Doctorate in Fine Art from UEL. She has over twenty years experience as an art educator, working across both Fine art and design practice and currently teaches Art and Design at the University of East London on the undergraduate and Professional Doctorate programme.


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