Libby Scott



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The Ring of Ten, Mixed Media on Board, 26 x 26cm

Seeking the Shadow, Mixed Media on Board, 15 x 22cm

Seeking the Land, Mixed Media on Board, 15 x 22cm

Shadow Hill, Mixed Media on Board, 12 x 34cm

Shadow and Light, Mixed Media on Board, 12 x 34cm

Shadow and Play, Mixed Media on Board, 12 x 34cm


In my current practice, I draw my inspiration from the surrounding landscape of Perthshire, the West Coast and Mountainous regions of Scotland. I seek to convey the symbiotic relationship between the elements of weather, land and the interplay of the hidden and the revealed scene. I explore and investigate the ancient and contemporary unnoticed man made marks on the land through boundary lines, field marks, pathways and animal tracks across the hills.

I use a variety of artistic processes to convey my sense of journeying through the landscape and my feeling of being part of the scene.

My work is mixed media on board using materials such as acrylic, ink, pigment, primers and I also incorporate found materials and objects that I find on my journey to express my intuitive response to the energy and enfolding drama of the landscape. These materials enable me to capture the feeling of light, movement and wildness of the elements. In my work I seek to evoke a glimpse, a moment in time and the sense of mood of the land and place.


Libby does not consider herself to be from one particular place. Born in Kirkcaldy with Polish and Scottish parentage, as well as having lived in a variety of locations throughout the UK and Europe in her formative years. Her family returned to Scotland where she and her husband now reside, based in rural Perthshire.
Having transitioned and adapted to different environments and cultures in her younger years, she finds that this is paralleled in her work as an artist and as an adult. Her creative journey, through exploration and investigation of materials of various mediums and subjects, are areas, which she draws inspiration from.
The sense of travel, of undertaking a journey is reflected through out her work as it transitions, not staying or belonging to one particular place, until she finds, in her work, the sense of place and sense of belonging.

Initially, Libby started her training in painting and drawing, then moved onto working and studying textiles. She finally graduated in 2001 with Honours, in Ceramics at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee. Her journey continued after graduating as she had the need to explore, further, her process and use of materials.

Most recently she has been working in mixed media, which allows her the greater freedom of differing mediums for creative expression, as well as utilising her gathered knowledge and experience.