Lucia Gomez



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Are You Ready?, oil on canvas, 50x40cm

In the Middle of Nowhere, oil on canvas, 60x80cm

No Signal, oil on canvas, 46x56cm


In our constantly accelerating lives we have come to consume images at a previously unimaginable pace. The amount of information we consume is so vast that only the most extreme of images are strong enough to catch our attention for more than a heartbeat before they fade again.

While the romantics were overwhelmed by the splendour of the sublime contained in stately landscapes, we now require a stronger type of stimulant – the representation of the sinister unveiled. All attempts to escape from the resulting angst are rendered futile, with images of the next catastrophe extending through an invisible web to wherever we go in any given moment. These images brought to us by the mass media get corroded, blurred within our minds, turning into a kind of visual battlefield where we constantly feel threatened, like in a phantom war.

My work reflects on our fleeting perception of how we experience mankind’s own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure, the moment just before we, as a witnesses of the catastrophe, realize that we are a part of it – the thin line between the voyeur, the victim and the accomplice.