Maggie Bisset Graham



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"Ahoy me hearties" in pastel

Sarah and Oscar in Acrylic

Selkie the Arran Sea Maiden, in Pastels

Torra Frae the Trossachs, in Acrylic

Self Portrait, in Pastels.

Torra Au Naturel, in Pastels


Fortuitously Maggie's research career allowed her the opportunity to examine eminent, and not so eminent museums and galleries across the globe. The experience not only developed her understanding and appreciation of art in its broadest sense, it stimulated her ambition to become an artist. Probably for this reason her taste in art can be defined as fairly broadminded. However, if a favoured choice had to be made, she particularly adores the ambience of grandeur, intense drama and sentimentality the work of the old masters inspires. Artists like Rubens, his student Van Dyck and other Flemish Baroque contemporaries she believes as unrivalled perfectionists in epitimising and depicting a unique intensity of human emotion and spiritualism.

In her early work Maggie’s compositional themes have been fairly broad, which she created using a range of medium spanning watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, graphite and colour pencil, being somewhat restrained with one eye on the rules of compositional and conceptual theory. However, as she progresses she is battling between the influence and advice from past art tutors, who encouraged her towards more abstract interpretations, with the forceful urge from her heart, which is leading her on an alternative route towards the conflicting emotions of spiritualism, sentimentality and humour. As with other personal life experiences, she expects her relationship with art will continue to mature and evolve. So be it.


Born, educated and currently living in the suburbs of Glasgow, Maggie has a museum curatorial background, which led to a progressive university career as lecturer then to head of research of a busy business development research centre. For more than a decade she conducted contract and personal research and published in academic and trade press on the topic of cultural heritage with a special interest in museum and gallery voluntarism, across the UK and internationally.


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