Margaret Anderson



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Walk About Mixed media, household paint, wax and pigment, acrylic, pencil

Dreaming Mixed media, household paint, print making, household paint

Flight, Mixed media household paint, acrylic, pencil

Just for Today, Mixed media, household paint, acrylic, pencil, printmaking


Artist Statement
I am interested in poignancy of memory traces and how we travel through life leaving marks, line and a narrative upon the landscape both physically and metaphysically. My research and photography has focused on familiar landscapes, and in particular forests and thistles. These inspirations are the source to my paintings, which are concerned with the exploration of paint, colour and an organic process led practice.

Forests signify a cycle of life transitioning through bloom,decay and regeneration. The forest is not necessarily a place of protection; it can be claustrophobic and conjure up distant memories of fairy tales, such as Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf. Do not go off the path, for if you do terrifying unknown things await you. Conversely forests have been presented as magical benign places. Forests hover on the threshold of reality and the subliminal, and depending on time of day and their character, they can generate a spectrum of feelings including, tension, harm, unease, pleasure and tranquility.

As Thomas A Clark surmised, “...for the right understanding of a landscape, information must come to the intelligence from all the senses”.


I am an Australian/Scotish artist working and living in Edinburgh and I have a studio at St Margaret House. I am currently undertaking a MFA in Art and Humanities at Duncan of Jordanstone 2017/2018. I am a professional member at ESW and will be on the Friends committee at Leith School of Art in 2018.


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