Marion Innes



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I draw, paint, print, and Collage as a means of exploring, EXPERIMENTING, expressing, and escaping. TextuRE, text, Layers, scratches, ridges, rips, colour, patterns, Are the works foundation.

I do not consciously set out to develop ideas; I just make a start and see where the Art takes me.

I am happy to go with the flow and see what transpires, and often the seed is planted but... nothing grows.
I take pleasure the challenge of communicating, my ideas and thoughts, and get a buzz from individual interpretations.
If someone looks... at my work and it evokes a response then I have achieved my objective. I have suggested, reminded, stirred up, or implied.


Born and raised in Ayrshire Scotland
Studied Graphic Design and Illustration, Ayr College
Followed by a Degree in Digital Art, Paisley University
Continued exploring and experimenting as an Arts Tutor with HMP Services and Community Groups...still exploring and experimenting