Mary Golden



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'Let the Sun Shine on It' conte and pastel 29cm x 26cm

'Iconic' oil on board 27cm x 32cm

Morning. oil on board 34cm x 24cm

Moor Piece with Rings. charcoal and pastel 31cm x 40cm

Three Sisters, a Walk. charcoal and pastel 75cm x 60cm

Walk with Me. charcoal and pastel 60cm x 68cm


My work has developed from an early interest in the 'cutting' and man-made rearrangement of the landscape caused by the bypass and gravel pits near my home town, via the solidity and complexity of London's cityscapes and the immense scale of the fading industrial sites of the docklands and the north of England, to a preoccupation with the mountains, forms and habitats of Scotland's mountainous landscape.

I'm drawn to the individuality of the mountains and the peculiarity of their shape, how these massive natural forms sit in the landscape with their looming presence, how they relate to each other, the intricacy of their rock crevices and strata and how they are looked at and experienced. Recent work has been concerned with the intricacy and diversity of the habitats among these land forms.


Hertfordshire College of Art and Design
Wimbledon School of Art