Michael Popper

Email: mickpopper@icloud.com

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"First Light?" - image from "Siege: a fabulous irony" - a graphic novel/theatre script

Performance of "Correctospective 9"

Still from film version of "Correctospective 2"

"Look at me" - image from "Siege: a fabulous irony"


My practice is largely in performance. In this field, I am particularly interested in cross-fertilizing the art forms, and in taking the resulting hybrid works into galleries and other public spaces. I am also experimenting with the energies and effects produced by using the body to reproduce certain film techniques live (stop-frame animation, for example). Additionally, I work with written, spoken and sung text. One current text/image hybrid project is the development of my stage play, "Siege: a fabulous irony" as a graphic novel/script.

My work is concerned with:

the interface between brutality and tenderness
transience, and our acute awareness of this
drawing attention to what is actually going on
the need for narrative
the need to abandon narrative
the role and presence of the observer in the artwork
fragility and resilience


I am an accomplished director, choreographer, singer, actor and dancer, and have a multi-faceted career, creating and performing works in the fields of dance, music and theatre. I am committed to the collaborative processes, and create work with composers, directors, film makers, writers, visual artists, and performing artists of all kinds. My works frequently defy definition, and often sit comfortably within the visual arts world.