Monica Maclean


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EQUILIBRIUM, 1.2 m stoneware with porcelain

WAREHOUSE, 37x30 cm porcelain

FAKIR, 39x54 cm stoneware and porcelain

RESTING, 52x37 cm stoneware

THE TRAVELER, 1.1 m stoneware

THE KNIGHT, 1.5 m stoneware


I have spent the last 20 years travelling from Russia to South Africa. This had a strong impact on my work which embraced the human being as a centre of interest for me. I think of my ceramic work as a personal journey exploring my identity starting with my routes and expressing the experiences accumulated during my travels. I love working in stoneware material using hand-building technique. This allows me to create unique pieces often on a large scale. On many occasions I enrich the stoneware material with porcelain or decorate with a porcelain slip - the two materials work together nicely.


Monica Maclean trained as a ceramic artist at the Institute of Fine Art "Ion Andreescu" in Cluj, Romania. She emigrated to the UK in 1990. She has participated in several international competitions and has artwork in personal and group exhibitions. Since then she has various works in private collections worldwide. Currently she is preparing work for a private exhibition