Olive Dean

Website: http://www.alternativephotography.com/olive-dean/

Email: dean712@btinternet.com

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CORONA , Lumenograph . (Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation Purchase Prize , 2015)

FLOO'ERS O' the FOREST, Lumenograph with cyanotype ,scraped out text , 2013 , 20x25 cm

DRIFTING NETS 1, CYANOTYPE on Fabriano, 2013, 20x28 cm

VANITAS, Lumenograph with partial cyanotype coatingon expired Kodak paper,25x20cm

HARBOUR WALL, EAST LOTHIAN, Mixed media on canvas, 31x31cm

COFFEE FIX. -Lumenograph on expired Kodabrome paper , 20x6 cm


My work is inspired by nature in all its forms.Nature infallibly provides us with superior designs even in the most mundane of surroundings: the ordinary then proves extra-ordinary. The "grande vista" is not my aim as such, but I would never preclude a challenging view. I love lowland landcape in particular, but subject matter should always be open to change from the artist's point of view, as should the artist's possible pre-conceived ideas, eg scale, design or medium. Recently I have been involved in alternative photography, including camera-less techniques, producing modern lumenographs and cyanotypes, mostly inspired by my love of plants. In making these images,the interplay of randomisation,accident and "controlled chance" to quote Jackson Pollock, presents much opportunity for experimentation (and fun) .


Before studying art had various different jobs , including working in the Middle East, and many years with BA. Became mature student at Edinburgh College of Art ,School of Drawing and Painting, graduating 1989. Many different activities followed to support impoverished lifestyle, (mortgage , family etc) tutoring , gardening (hands-on kind ), etc ,etc Continuing to work from home with diminishing returns...


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