Pauline McGee



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At the border, charcoal, 42x28cm

Cold Light, mixed medium, 50x50cm

Encounter, mixed medium, 48x40cm

I Ask Myself, mixed medium, 44x64cm

Kilnave Chapel Islay, mixed medium, 44x60cm

Red Door, mixed medium, 88x120cm


I am a visual artist working with a range of medium: oil on canvas, printmaking, pastel, charcoal, collage and mixed media. I draw inspiration from the landscape which is shaped and formed through time by weather, the elements and man made structures. My love of walking the hills, exploring beaches and visiting new places allows me to investigate different qualities of change from surfaces of ancient stone and trees to crumbling dwelling places and found objects.
I am intrigued by the stories within communities of survival and adaptation to circumstance which is often bound with destructive tensions or creative interaction between man and nature. Exploration of landscape and figurative images present me with an abundance of individual and combined source material.


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