Robert Baldock



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Tender Buttons (Still). A 20cm x 20cm version of this print is available at this year's Sit In/Take Away small art sale.

Set-up for a performance of Tender Buttons at Bath Spa University's Seeing Sound 4 symposium, April 2016.


I am an experimental musician and new/old media artist, working most recently with a multi-viewpoint analogue video system I call the Sonic Lantern. I am exploring the uses of this system as a way to respond visually in real-time to textual and sonic source material.


I started out as an experimental musician/sonic artist and have been releasing audio recordings since 2002. In 2012 I started working with compositional tool Max/MSP which also opened up possibilities in the visual/video realm. Using this tool, in 2013 I developed a system called the Synaesthetic Sequencer which enables the input from a video camera to be broken down into primary colour components and then into musical notes in real time.