Rosemary Taylor



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XII Acrylic 120 x 90 cm

I Acrylic 120 x 90 cm

VI Acrylic 120 x 90 cm

XV Acrylic 120 x 90 cm

X Acrylic 120 x 90 cm


In my current practice I explore manmade objects that record and reflect industrial development and decline. I often include elements of landscape that seem at once familiar but unknown reflecting places seen only fleetingly. A restrained, often black and white palette is employed to intensify the power of the image.
My large scale paintings and drawings done mostly on paper derive influence from great landscape painters of the past. Just as Lorrain was influenced by grand romantic notions of an idyllic Arcadia and Greco/ Roman remains, these imaginary places make reference to the great temples of industry and what they add to our landscape. These works also reference my interest in social and land use issues, monuments and iconology.


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