Neil Stewart



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Old Man of Stoer


Seal Man


I trained at Gray`s in Aberdeen under Sid Burnett and Frances Pelly. Since leaving my main 3D focus has been on constructing large, wooden, figurative pieces , incorporating people and animals, intertwined and symbiotic.
Often the human element is impassive,restrained, unreadable. The featured animal (daemonlike, perhaps) is the expressor or conduit for the human`s deep and primal emotion.
I am also engaged in lino printing as a much more immediate (though no less physical) medium through which to tell my “stories”.I love the “constraints” of lino cut, especially black on white. In the printed image`s wide, white, paper border there are echoes of the stories typeset on a printed page.
I have also focused in recent years on linocut printmaking. Narrative, community and connection with the natural world have been dominant themes.