Sheena McCurrach



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Gulls carrick


My name is Sheena McCurrach and I have been painting for much of my life. A few years ago I passed through Galloway as a traveller and decided, then ,that when life allowed , I would come here to live. And now it has come to pass and I have found a new home not far from the wild Galloway coast.
Since establishing myself here, I have taken time to immerse myself in the wild places, walking the cliffs and shores and wandering the lanes and hill paths, far from the sounds of traffic , rarely glimpsing another living being. I love to sit quietly , sketchbook and camera in hand and observe the play of light and shadow on the hill and the quiet roe moving in the shadows, or marvelling at the red kites spectacular flight, riding and tumbling in the wind.
My home here beside the ruins of Girthon Kirk provides a safe haven to return to and complete the work . I use the images and sketches as well as photographs to complete the work in my studio, working mainly in oil, at present, on canvas or board, using a brush, although life sketches of birds and animals and plays of light are sometimes done in pastel, coloured pencil or watercolour. I am experimenting with oil pastel and ink and beginning to convert the garage into a large studio as I need more room for printing and storage and expanding my freedom.


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