Sheila Anderson Hardy



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"Roadside Clump" Ink and Gouache on paper 28/35cm

"Sunset 1" oil on box canvas 26/26cm

"Thistle 1" oil on canvas 22/22cm

"Down" oil on box canvas 62/62cm

"Tracks through Barley" oil on canvas 60/50cm

"Down Dispersal" oil on box canvas 42/42cm


Drawing is central to my practice. I aim always to communicate more than the purely figurative image in my drawings, paintings and prints. I work from nature, photographs, from memory or from my imagination, working and experimenting with a variety of media to maintain a tension as I strive for the perfect mark to achieve the image I seek.


Graduate of Glasgow School of Art where I studied textile design under the late Robert Stewart.
I moved thereafter to London where I worked as a colourist and designer. Dissatisfied with the restrictions of printed textiles I moved into illustration for greeting cards and magazine articles and a wide variety of publications. From there I gravitated to fine art and painting, exhibiting widely and later teaching art.